The Best Olive Oil from Turkey: OliveOilsLand


The Best Olive Oil from Turkey: OliveOilsLand

One of the biggest oil mills in the world OliveOilsland is also one of the top exporters and producers of olive oil globally. The top olive oil manufacturer in the world uses Turkish olives. Turkey, the center of the olive groves, is home to OliveOilsland’s primary olive oil facility. Turkey is one of the top ten producers of olive oil in the world. 

Only a seasoned exporter can estimate the worth of olive oil and provide customers with equivalent worth. They will undoubtedly convey value to all nations, not just one in particular. And while purchasing such goods, try contacting a reputable exporter like OliveOilsLand, which is the biggest supplier of olive oil at the time.

The best olive oils are always chosen since such professionals have an incredible ability to give their customers the greatest items and olive oils. The majority of extra virgin olive oil providers have world-class standards for client loyalty and performance. 

Olive Oil: Benefits

Olive Oil is a fantastic alternative to spread or margarine. It could be sprinkled on bread or toast. When sprinkled with OliveOilsland’s olive oil carrots, pureed potatoes, beans, collars, and other veggies and meat all significantly enhance their flavor. On damp, brittle hair, OliveOilsLand olive oil may also be used as a standard hair lotion. All cooking must include oil in a reliable and adaptable manner.

We OliveOilsLand produce the best extra virgin olive oil in Turkey, and our major goal is to sell it internationally. OliveOilsLand is the top exporter of Turkish olive oil Internet business, long-distance communication, and international shipping are all part of our organization’s activities. Our finest olive oil must be supplied by our clients regardless of where they are located or how they will be transported.

Organizations consider Turkish olive oil to be important and to have substantial assets, which makes it possible for several outside companies to import huge amounts of Turkish olive oil into the market.

The Olea European tribe Oleaceae purchases olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil from OliveOilsLand is among the best in the market. It is the world’s most popular oil for baking.

As a healthy eater, using OliveOilsLand’s olive oil provides a plethora of amazing advantages. The Turkish olive oil supplier OliveOilsLand is well known for its many health advantages. It fights against bad cholesterol in particular. The quantity of antioxidants in OliveOilsLand’s olive oil is much greater.

It is acknowledged that consuming even a teaspoon of OliveOilsLand’s olive oil in your diet might lower your chance of developing some cancers, including intestinal cancer. According to various reports, using this oil regularly in meals was associated with a reduction in the adverse effects of arthritis.

Harvesting and Processing 

The traditional organic milling procedure must be used to create high-quality olive oil like OliveOilsLand. To ensure that only the finest olives are selected for the procedure, the olives are first picked with the greatest care and concern. After the olives are crushed, the pulp is added to boiling water. After being pounded, the juice and pulp are separated. The kind of olive oil to be produced and the procedure to follow are then selected once the oil has been transported to the filtered tank.

To become the top olive oil brand in the world, storage methods are just as important as superior flavor. OliveOilsLand makes a lot of effort to avoid the following four problems.

1. Time of harvest, milling, and storage

2. Heat Control

3. Hydration 

4. Oxidation 

Turkish olive oil is kept at its optimum flavor for customers by avoiding all of the aforementioned problems. And it is crucial to pay close attention to the packing to retain this. This is accomplished by employing screw-on caps and dark-colored glass bottles. Additionally, OliveOilsLand utilizes the finest inner lacquered tin plates for packing oil. Although using pet bottles may be very dangerous, many Turkish olive oil producers do it since they provide lower prices.

Oils’ fatty acids may interact with the materials in pet bottles and have a carcinogenic impact. Other times, light penetrates through the pet bottles, causing the oil’s fatty acids to be broken down by chlorophyll. If not filtered straight away, this might further result in rancidity, a rise in the acidity of the oil, a strong odor, and an increase in peroxide. Olive oil’s color changes with time, which also makes it unpleasant.

Apart from this, OliveOilsLand is a leading manufacturer of olives since they are concerned about your demands. OliveOilsLand avoids packing in tin cans since they have sharp edges that can cut your fingers. This is done with the women in the kitchen in mind. 

The olive oil is stored in containers that are simple to handle and have the proper capsize for simple flow and handling. The oil is protected from oxidation, which might ruin the taste and nutrients, by these bottles’ airtight corks.

Olive oil production must avoid contact with water and moisture since doing so would damage its phenol and antioxidant components. The OliveOilsLand can extract olive oil naturally, but when that oil comes into touch with water, the phenol components are destroyed. Olive oil ceases to be olive oil if it loses its phenol components and antioxidants. It turns into regular oil and loses all of its health benefits.

OliveOilsLand also features specific labeling that lists the production and expiration dates in addition to the harvesting and filling dates. OliveOilsLand realizes that stating it will benefit customers since certain diet-conscious clients are particularly choosy in this area. To provide clients with additional options, OliveOilsLand also identifies the region from where the olive oil is produced.


Overall, OliveOilsLand is the finest producer of olive oil and other related products. They top the market share and have proven their worth in the market. For better quality, extra virgin olive oil, customers must opt for OliveOilsLand. Its flavor, consistency, and aroma are liked by all. In addition, OliveOilsLand has extraordinary customer service and no client whether small or big left unattended. 

Turkish Olive Oil


First commercial steps of our company has begun by immigration of our family that had lived in the city of Scopje in northern Macedonia, to Akhisar region in Turkey soils in sixties after the second world war. As it is well known the Akhisar region takes place amongst the well known places in olive and olive oil production. Turkish Olive Oil Our family that is engaged with olive oil business in this region, has moved to Izmir after short time and kept on its commercial activities there. Turkish Olive Oil By processing olive harvest that ranges especially northern geography of Izmir (Smyrna) by the coast of Aegean sea, they met the olive oils that is on top point of the world in terms of quality, with consumer. Turkish Olive Oil Our company has been proceeding on it’s way by knowledge and experience that it took from the past, it globalized with the brand OliveOilsLand® Turkish Olive Oil and the motto “From Aegean For Your Health” Turkish Olive Oil from Aegean Region, namely from the mother land of Olive Oil.

As it is known Olive Oil has

As it is known Olive Oil has always been inspiration source of health, beauty and taste from ancient times to this day; it also took place in holy sources, words, citations of many civilization. Our art person Nazım Hikmet who has an important place in our country and world, whose poems became notorious, says so “I mean you’ll take living such serious, even at your seventy, for example you’ll plant olive and besides not for that it will remain to children, but for not believing in death though you are afraid of it, since living dominates.Turkish Olive Oil Olive Oil has been told by associated with immortality and especially all the civilizations that lived in Turkey Turkish Olive Oil soils have always talked about olive and olive oil in their epics, tales, tragedias. What the olive makes immortal is, of course, not that it is magic elixir; but that it is passed down with its health, taste and beauty factors. In order to serve the need of health, beauty and taste of all the humanity our company has decisively been keeping on its production with OliveOilsLand® Turkish Olive Oil brand by meeting Olive harvests that is influenced by aegean sea wind in the beautiful geography of our country, in the light of traditional methods, with technology,

What Makes OliveOilsLand® Different ?

For producing a high-quality olive oil like OliveOilsLand® is to make use it by the old organic milling method and modern crushing system with 2 and 3 phases .

Firstly , the Olives are picked with utmost delicacy and precaution so only the best Olives are chosen for the process. Olives are crushed and then the pulp is put into cold water. It is beaten and then the juice is separated from the pulp. The olive oil is then transferred to the filtered tank and it is from here onwards decided which type of olive oil is to be produced and which method to be used.

It just doesn’t take the great taste to become one of the world’s best Olive Oil brand but storage techniques are just as necessary. OliveOilsLand works very hard to prevent the four features below

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Uses

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Uses
Though you can find several kinds of oil in the market, olive oil is steadily growing to be a fan favorite. Given its immense health benefits, along with the unique taste and the versatility it accords in its use, olive oil is becoming extremely popular throughout the world. You can find mostly three types of olive oil in the market – extra virgin, virgin, and general olive oil. These tags signify how much the oil has been processed. Extra virgin oil is the least processed of the three.
Oils are processed to help preserve them for longer and increase shelf life, but doing so also strips them of several nutrients, and anti-oxidants, and affects the natural taste. For this reason, it comes highly recommended that people use extra virgin olive oil as much as they can. Extra virgin olive oil is considered the best olive oil, and for good reason – it tastes better, and it has many more health benefits. The best quality extra virgin olive oil is offered by OliveOilsLand which is a family-owned company located in Turkey, specializing in the production and manufacture of olive oils.

What are the Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?
The process of extraction of extra virgin olive oil used by olive oil suppliers ensures it retains most of its nutritional qualities. OliveOilsLand ensures all its products are of top-notch quality. They use the best extraction methods available and only supply the purest extra virgin olive oil. This means that it contains a fantastic amount of anti-oxidants. These are important to build immunity and promote cell regeneration. It also includes healthy fats, unlike other oils like canola oil, and promotes heart health by its strong cardio-protective properties, such as helping to lower blood pressure. Many studies also show that extra virgin olive oil can help with bone reabsorption and help with bone-related issues as you age. It may also protect against certain cancers, such as breast cancer and digestive tract cancers. The health benefits also depend on the suppliers and their refinement processes. Turkish extra virgin olive oil is considered the best for its nutritional properties. A trusted manufacturer like OliveOilsLand will ensure that you’re getting only the best.
What are the Uses of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?
Extra virgin olive oil can be useful in several ways. Some of the ways extra virgin olive oil can be used are:
Cooking Oil
There are several scientific pieces of evidence of the myriad health benefits of making extra virgin olive oil your primary cooking oil. You can use it in all types of dishes, even as a shallow frying oil. Extra virgin olive oil tastes a little fruity and maybe a little bitter, much like the taste of an olive. This adds a great flavor to your recipes. It is also true that cooking with extra virgin olive oil increases the nutritional value of your meal.
Make dips and salads
Extra virgin olive oil goes well with dips and salads. Making hummus? Top it off with some Turkish extra virgin olive oil. Or make a vinaigrette for your green salad. You can also make pesto with olive oil, for a lovely, rich flavor in pasta and sandwiches. Extra virgin olive oil adds a unique flavor to these preparations, and also helps in their preservation. Besides, since it is healthy, it will save you the guilt of using other fattier oils. A simple but classic way of consuming extra virgin olive oil is to use it directly as a dip for bread, with some added salt and pepper.
Use in Desserts
Extra virgin olive oil can be used as a replacement for butter in desserts. This makes them healthier and also softer. Cakes made with olive oil are lighter and significantly lower in calories. This is also beneficial for people looking for dairy substitutes for butter in baking. It can also be used to make cookies, brownies, ice cream, tarts, ganache, and mousses.
Hair Care
Many people swear by extra virgin oil as a hair care product. Applying olive oil to your hair before you wash it reduces frizz and dandruff. You can also use it as a conditioner or serum by using a few drops of oil as you comb through your hair.
Using natural products on your skin is always better than using chemical preparations. Olive oil can be used as a makeup remover by using a little amount on a cotton pad. Applying olive oil to your skin also helps in fighting eczema and general dryness. It adds a boost to the glow of your face and helps in cell regeneration. It has also been seen that extra virgin olive oil can help with acne. It can also help in eliminating stretch marks and other scars. It can also be used as a replacement for shaving cream. This will prevent ingrown hair and keratosis pilaris.
Home Upkeep
Besides this, olive oil is great for the upkeep of your home and small chores. It fixes creaky doors and stuck zippers. Many people use it as a polish for furniture for added luster and preservation of wood. It can also be used to revive cracked boots and to shine stainless steel.

You must take precautions while cooking with and storing extra virgin olive oil. It has a low smoking oil and begins burning quickly, which is why it is important to make sure you are controlling the heat levels. To store extra virgin olive oil, make sure you are keeping it in a cool, dark, and dry place. Do not keep it near sources of heat or in direct sunlight. OliveOilsLand always makes sure your extra virgin olive oil is packaged properly.
Extra virgin olive oil is the least processed version of olive oil – this makes it extremely healthy, tasteful, and truly the best olive oil out there. It has many benefits and can be used in cooking as well as for non-consumption-related uses.

Turkish Olive Oil

In Turkey, EVOO is referred to as “natürel sızma zeytinyağı,” while regular olive oil, which consists of a mix of EVOO and refined olive oil..

 Turkish olive oil with acidity level. More than 2%, also called “pure”. In the past, this oil was used to make oil lamps

Turkey · Egenin Kalbi · Byzantium Irene · Mezopotamya · Mavras · Ottoman (White Label) · Byzantium Anna · Zeytin Reserve · Masmana Polyphenol Rich.

Izmir (Turkey) – The award ceremony for the 3rd National Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Turkey, organised by National Olive and Table Olive

The finest olive oil in the world is the olive oil from OliveOilsLand®. OliveOilsLand® is one of the biggest exporter of high-quality olive oil on earth. The Turkish Olive oil export company is also better recognized.

Because of our capacity to stand amazingly high warmth olive oil offers the best choice for stir-frying while its absence of corrosiveness will adjust a feast or dressing for example that is high in vinegar.

A minor-known property of Olive Oil is that of its therapeutic quality and apparently restorative forces. As of now, the olive oil has been credited with stopping liver harm, battling against malignant growth tumors, being a viable enemy of oxidant, and successfully overseeing muscle and rheumatoid agonies.

In light of this learning ongoing tests have occurred to consider whether these properties of Olive Oil remain constant and whether the fluid is something other than a prominent release to a feast.

Putting some progressively olive oil back in our lives will be the kick-begin to the customary detox. Plainly Olive Oil can add to just something other than a more beneficial eating regimen, however a more advantageous body that will live for more.

It is reasonable in that olive oil has demonstrated medical advantages as well as it can possibly build personal satisfaction and also expand that life for a couple of more years

The olive oil produced by Olive Oil Factory – OliveOilsLand® is the best of all. Its oil is very beneficial for the body. Try its oil and you will be surprised by the great advantages of its natural olive oil #turkisholiveoil

OliveOilsLand®– Olive Oil Manufacturer production includes olive oils and table olives. It is one of the world’s best Olive Oil manufacturer. Olive Oil generate technically manufacturing with 2-and3-phase decanters as well as an old-style rock binding. we also use vertical decanters for the products with low acidity and elevated phenol.

With the OliveOilsLand® label in the globe, we have a dealership network, which offers high-quality olive oil in Turkey, groundwater, first-hand customers and appropriate rates.

We recognize that our company is committed to ensuring that all individuals can achieve olive oil at great cost to human health. Their desire is to exchange this geographically particular commodity with the remainder of humanity has provided us with an incentive to expand its company network.

OliveOilsLand®– Olive Oil Manufacturer essential operation is producing olive oil and table olives and exporting all over the world.

Our finest olive oil is supplied where our customers need and we provide it with quality and conveyance. Must use the oil of the world’s best Olive Oil manufacturer OliveOilsLand®.

Virgin Olive Oil – King Of The Olive Oil OliveOilsLand

Our OliveOilsLand® branded Olive Oils, which are produced with Cold pressing technique in our facility where the food safety standards are protected at the highest level and in stainless steel tanks contact with air, feels pleasant in your palate with its unique taste. It is also called The Aegean Olive Oil ‘s Flavour among the people

A natural it with a high content of vitamins, aroma, polyphenols and antioxidants is obtained by storing under nitrogen gas and bottling away from light and oxygen. Quality control activities are planned and developed in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System in all processes from harvest to reaching consumer.
Our Olive Oil that we produce under the brand of OliveOilsLand® which isTurkey’s Leading Manufacturer of Olive Oil Company

When you smell it, you will feel freshly mown grass, green almonds, almonds, green apples, green stem of the tomato, green banana peel, artichoke and pea, it smells like a perfume, a smell that makes you happy.

You can feel a harshness and bitterness of almond or green olives or apple seed on the sides of your tongue when you take a sip and swish it over your tongue and palate.

Burning sensation like black pepper bitterness will be felt in your throat, and this burning doesn’t go down to your esophagus. All these features are the difference of our Olive Oil.

Turkish Olive Oil Bottling | Exporter Company

We work with the biggest Brands all over the world, produce Olive Oil and make filling their Glass Bottles; improve their introductions…. And have experience about creating famous brands, catalogue, etc … We can both produce your private label by bottling Glass Bottles Olive Oils and create your brand.

In our Olive Oils and Table Olives Factory, we have design department they work for our clients, try to create new brands, logo, catalogue and then combine your their Private label Olive Oils and Table Olives and brands … their Private Label Olive Oils and Table Olives Manufacturing is our job …

At the end of the process, you have brand like the biggest Food Brands…. just inform us your private label sticker and Brands which you want and let us produce for you .

Best Turkish Olive Oil

Turkish Olives

Turkey is one of the world’s leading countries in olive and olive oil production. Turkey, thanks to the soil in which grows naturally for thousands of years the olive tree has a considerable experience in the production and cultivation of olive. Olive oil, which has been produced for use in meals for centuries, was produced by primitive methods in the past. Although the use of primitive methods still continues, today it progresses with companies such as OliveOilsLand®, which are pioneers in the sector and have over 60 years of experience. Thanks to the established companies, the reputation of the olives was not only in the country but spread all over the world. Olive, which is indispensable for Turkish cuisine, is exported to the whole world with companies that have adopted quality and trust.

What Are The Varieties Of Olive Oil?

Although there are many kinds of olive oil, the oils are divided according to the form of production and quality. The most well-known and most consumed oil varieties worldwide are natural, refined and riviera varieties. Olive oil has been a product used for thousands of years both in Turkey and in the world thanks to its high nutritional value and longevity. The quality and flavor of olive oil depends on the type of olives used, the conditions of cultivation and the production techniques. High acidity level in oils is one of the most important factors affecting oil quality. Extra virgin oils, which have little acidity and are considered pure, are not suitable for use in recipes that require high temperatures, such as frying, as they have low combustion temperatures. For this reason, it is more accurate to use oils with high acidity or oils with increased combustion temperature(riviera) in recipes that you will cook at a high temperature.

How To Understand Quality Olive Oil?

It is possible to tell whether an olive oil is of good quality by its color, taste and smell. Olives that will be used to produce quality olive oil and Table Olives achieve the quality they have as a result of certain conditions. Factors that are directly related to Olive quality are factors such as the growing time of the olive tree to the climate in the area where the tree is located, the mineral richness of the soil, the degree of olive maturity in the form of olive collection, and even the waiting time after the Olive is collected. In addition, olive oil production and table olive production should be carried out by people who are specialized in this field and have gained experience, and every stage of production should be controlled. The color of olive oil can have different shades from Green to yellow depending on the degree of maturity of the harvested olives. The most remarkable feature of quality olive oil is that it has a fruity smell. Avoid olive oils that contain a foreign taste, such as moisture, mold, vinegar, etc. Health-beneficial antioxidant substances found in olives give the Olive a bitter taste. Since these substances are mixed with the oil when obtaining olive oil, it is natural to have a slight bitter taste in the oil. In order for the taste and color of the smell of olive oil to be preserved in the same quality, it must be stored in stainless metal cans or dark glass bottles and stored in places that do not see the sun. Olive oil can be stored with different packaging methods, usually 5, 10 or 20-pound in-box bags. Properly stored olive oils and Table Olives experience a loss of flavor over time and their color is turned on. Olive oil is a product that is often cheated because it is a valuable product. You can choose OliveOilsLand®, which is one of the largest olive oil exporter companies in Turkey with many certificates for your health.

Get to Know Your Olive Oil Better

There are so many kinds of Olive Oils in the world, but there is always one that stands out. People seek and go for the best quality available without having to spend a big portion of their income. We all know that everybody wants to enjoy the best, whether it may be for our own personal use or as a gift to special or important persons in our life. Olive oil has proven to be the most in-demand oil and has been continuously recommended based on scientific studies. The usage since ancient times served also as the ultimate proof of evidence for its importance. Olive oil has already merged with our lives making it an indispensable companion as we journey into what is called life.

Olive Oil is a healthy liquid fat obtained from olives. The Olive Oil  is produced by pressing whole olives and extracting the oil. Olive is a species of a small tree in the family Oleaceae which is traditionally found in Mediterranean countries like Turkey. The average lifespan of an olive tree is 300 to 600 years. There are still cases of these trees that are living beyond six hundred years. Therefore, the generation of today in that area is still harvesting from the tree their forefathers have planted, making it a living testimony of a family’s love and industry handed down from generation to generation! The olive tree keeps on bearing fruit and nurturing people from then and now.

The olive tree ranges in height from 10 to 40 feet and has many branches that are full of green feather-like leaves. It grows well in an arid and well-draining soil with the Mediterranean climate like Turkey’s long, warm, and dry summers and moderately warm and rainy winters. The olive tree thrives in any part of the world where the weather is similar to that of the Mediterranean area. It is a sturdy plant where the wood is resistant to decay. Furthermore, olive tree wastes provide renewable energy as when it burns, it produces 2.5 times the heat of burning an ordinary wood. Its ash can be used as fertilizers, and the smoke is usually harmless. The olive tree is a beautiful and incredible plant. Many consider it as the most healthful and powerful of all the trees, and indeed it has withstood the test of time. It is no wonder that its branches have been regarded as a symbol of peace in this whole world.

In order to get the oil from the olives, olive oil extraction is made. This process is to separate the oil from the other fruit contents. It is even possible to attain the separation by physical means only unlike the processes done in other Olive Oils where an extraction has to be made using chemical solvents. Of course, the first step in the extraction process is to wash thoroughly the olives in order to reduce any presence of contaminants such as soil which would make a flavor tasting like soil. People have been using olive presses since about 5,000 years ago. Some of these old presses are still in existence and are on display at museums.

An olive press is used by applying pressure to olive paste to separate the liquid Olive Oil and water from the solid residue. Then the Turkish Olive Oil and vegetable water that are collected are separated by the standard process of decantation. Decantation is simply understood as the method of separating liquids from solids and other non-mixing liquids by removing the layer at the top from the layer of solid or liquid from below. This basic method is still widely used today since it is still an excellent way of producing quality olive oil. Just like in other operations, adequate safety precautions are always observed. With the advancement of technology, olive oil processes are mixed with the traditional method to come up with the best results.

Turkey’s olive oil production, exports, and consumption have steadily increased throughout the past several years conveying a clear message that the country can become the largest producer of olive oil in the world. A large portion of these oils has been exported to other countries like Spain and Italy to be blended with other oils before re-exported to countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Because of the increasing awareness about the health benefits of olive oil and due to maintaining a low price, demand has skyrocketed.

Olives and Turkish Olive Oil  are key ingredients in Turkish cuisine. It is a part of their culture. It is understandable that Turkish food is often made around olives and olive oil because of its profound cultural, historical, and production origin.  There are five common olive varieties in Turkey which are: first is the Celebi olives that are small and intended for the table, this originated from the Lake Iznik area; second is the Memecik olives that are green and mid-sized with rich taste found in the Aegean region; third is the Memeli which is grown in Izmir and are usually preserved in brine; fourth is the Gemlik olives that have a high oil content and depth of taste and texture which is good for the table and oil production; and last but not the least, if the Domat olives found in the Aegean area and considered as the best green olives for stuffing with garlic and others. OlivesOilsLand® company is one of the leading producers and exporters of Turkish olives and Turkish Olive Oil. It has grown from a traditional family enterprise to one of the biggest olive oil producers and exporters from Izmir City, Turkey.

Why You Should Choose Olive Oil To Keep Yourself Healthy in 2021 ?

We are living in an era where people are busy following the unstable schedule. But, the deadly COVID-19 has clearly indicated that we all should keep an eye on our immune system. It is very important to keep physical as well as a mental condition in good shape. Well, doing physical exercise is not the only way through which you can achieve that. You can add certain things to your daily diet to get the desired outcomes. One such product is olive oil. Yes, you have heard it right and experts are of the opinion that extra virgin olive oil is very good for our health. We have added the advantages here. So, don’t miss to have a look at the following points:

  • Reduce Inflammation: Extra virgin olive oil consists of almost 73% monounsaturated fat such as oleic acid. Along with it, it has almost 12% polyunsaturated fat such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. However, according to research monounsaturated fat such as oleic acid has the capability to reduce body inflammation. Therefore, having it in your daily cooking will be a great move.
  • Mitigate The Risk Of Chronic Disease: Chronic disease has become a major concern in the 21st century. But, you might be surprised to know that olive oil has the potentiality to mitigate the risk of chronic disease. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and it has vitamins K and E. Moreover, it has lucrative fatty acids. All these things mitigate the risk of chronic disease. In addition to this, it helps to keep blood cholesterol under control. As a result, olive oil lowers the risk of various heart diseases.
  • Prevent Skin Diseases: You might be surprised to know that olive oil has some sort of antibacterial properties that can actually eliminate the bacteria. So, you can use it to get rid of various bacterial infections. It also has moisturizing effects and therefore, you can apply it over your skin and hair. In order to enhance the efficiency, you can add coconut oil to it.
  • Reduce Cancer Risk: Even in the 21st century, cancer is considered one of the most usual causes of death. Fortunately, olive oil has antioxidants that can actually reduce oxidative damage, and thus, it can reduce the cancer risk.
  • Restrain Heart Disease: Well, heart disease has become a major concern nowadays. But, adding olive oil to your regular diet can help you to get rid of several heart diseases. Yes, you have heard it right. Olive oil lowers inflammation and it also stops undue blood clotting in our body.

Best Olive Oil

When it comes to choosing the best olive oil, you should go for Turkish Olive Oil. Yes, it is extremely smooth and it can give you a gentle taste. There are many brands that are supplying Turkish olive oil at present. But, among them, Oliveoilsland is the best. Oliveoilsland is one of the biggest olive oil exporters and they have one of the largest mills. Therefore, in terms of manufacturing, nothing can beat Oliveoilsland. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with them and grab the best Turkish olive oil that will help you to keep yourself healthy in 2020.

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Considered The Healthiest?

Well, olive oil has unrivalled health benefits and it has been using for years. But, there are different types of olive oils available in the market and among them, extra virgin olive oil is considered the healthiest. Extra virgin olive oil which is called EVOO is the freshest olive oil that you will have in the market.

How It Is Made

Extra virgin olive oil is basically extracted from the olives. Olive is a kind of fruit that you will get from the olive tree. If we talk about the manufacturing process, it is laborious as well as long. Companies like OliveOilsLand which is the world’s best olive oil manufacturer use cold-pressing techniques to produce high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

In general, the olive oil manufacturing process is not very complicated. First, olives are collected, and then, it is pressed in order to extract the oil. In the case of extra virgin olive oil, standardized and natural methods are used in order to maintain the purity and various sensory qualities such as smell and taste. Extra virgin olive oil has endless health benefits and it is the only cooking oil that is produced without using any sort of industrial refining and chemicals.

Nutrient Composition

Extra virgin olive oil is very nutritious in nature. It consists of a good amount of vitamins K and E and fatty acids. Therefore, if you have it in your regular diet, you will get endless health benefits.

One spoon of olive oil (14 grams) consists of the following nutrient composition:

  • 73.5% monounsaturated fat. It mostly consists of oleic acid.
  • 13% of vitamin E
  • 14% of saturated fat
  • 7% of vitamin K

Along with these, it also has several antioxidant properties.

Health Benefits

Extra virgin olive oil has endless health benefits and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Provide Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Well, chronic inflammation is considered as one of the major concerns. It leads to metabolic syndrome, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. But, extra virgin olive oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that can help you to get rid of these physical problems. It has oleic acid that reduces inflammation in our bodies. Therefore, you should start using it as a regular cooking oil.
  • Reduce Blood Pressure: Are you suffering from high blood pressure. Well, olive can give you a permanent solution. Yes, it has vitamin K and E and along with it, it has monounsaturated fat. Therefore, if you start using it in your regular diet, you will be able to keep your blood pressure under control. In addition to this, it also prevents blood clotting, and thus, it can prevent strokes and heart attacks.
  • Boost Skin And Hair Health: So, you have already known that extra virgin olive oil consists of vitamin E. Vitamin E prevents several skin diseases and you can also apply it over your hair. It will enhance the smoothness. Moreover, it can also protect the body from lung cancer and neurological disease.

By now, you have probably understood why extra virgin olive oil is considered the healthiest. Now, getting high-quality EVOO is also very difficult. We know this very well and this is why we will suggest you to visit OliveOilsLand that is one of the biggest olive oil exporters.